Client: Building Management,  Construction & Consultants, Government, & Private Sector

Nature of Business: Production & Engineering

Scope: Hong Kong, Mainland & Overseas 

Raw Material: GRP  

What is Union?

UNION is a fiber-composite product manufacturer and installer first operated in 1996 as a firm and was subsequently incorporated in 2003, We are a Hong Kong based company providing service in design, supply and installation of the finest-quality composite products in Hong Kong as well as overseas. 


We are a team of dedicated professional always committing to the best standard and services. By viewing your challenges and restraints form different perspectives, we believe working closely in between the client and our manufacturing plants mean a better solution. While customer's satisfaction is our aim, we believe the best ground to build on is trustful partnering relationship when dealing with nowadays high design demands and requirements. Our in-house facility is located at the vicinity of Chuhai, River Delta of South China. The factory is over 100,000 square feet in area; and has over 110 production technicians and 20 R&D staffs.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is material made from extremely fine fibers of glass. It is used as a reinforcement to toughen polymer resin; you gain all the benefits of glass being such a strong materials, while finished in the resin that is tough and does not allow cracks to propagate; the resulting composite material, properly known as fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), is called "fiberglass" in popular usage.

What is Our Products?

OUR PRODUCTS include architectural decoration, moulding feature,  water tank, planter pot, guard house, combined module storage house, swimming pool, signage, design furniture, artificial landscape, trench cover, hand railing, grating, Autokit, GRP pultrusion, glassfiber reinforced cement (GRC), glassfiber reinforced gypsum (GRG), 3D figure model, Arts & Crafts and etc. To incorporate your idea and project requirements, we also provide services in CAD system design, physical property evaluation of GRP materials, custom fabrication and general maintenance of GRP products.

What is Our Mission?

  • Deliver Quality Service Within Budget and Time-Frame.

  • Promote Business Partnership With Clients and Suppliers.

  • Build Up Teamwork Spirit Amongst Staff Members.

  • Achieve High Level of Site Safety Performance.


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