High design flexibility Excellence strength to weight ratio
Easy to install and can suit in fast pace projects Good aesthetic appearance
Good insulation thermally and electrically Excellent chemical, corrosion and weather resistance
Low thermal expansion or shrinkage Durable, excellent in fatigue properties
Available in wide range of colors and texture Requires minimal maintenance
Good reparability Electronically transparent


Fiber-composite products have been widely used at architectural decoration and moulding feature on the buildings. It is because of it versatile properties inherited:

I. Excellent strength to weight ratio.
II. Available in wide range of color and   
III. Requires minimal maintenance.
IV. Easy to install and repair.




Our module houses come with variety of sizes, color, texture and combination of utilities. From simple standard guard house, kiosk, mobile latrine, to multi-compartment habitable module, we  design and make it to your  requirements. Fiberglass composite is weather proof materials and any damages can be easily repaired.



Fiberglass composite has realized many innovative ideas. GRP / GRC Planter Pot is one the state-of-the-art examples. Our fiberglass planters come with different sizes, standard and  ranges of finishing selections. Of course, we tailor make them too! In Hong Kong, GRP Planter Pots have been widely used in ASD, HKHA, as well as landscape improvement developments projects.



GRP is an ideal material for making signboard, icon, logo and directional signage. They are light in weight, weatherproof, and very easy to install, while robust in strength in accounting on resisting wind load. Special type of gelcoat system  also provide UV protection and high Barcol hardness surface prevent from scratches.

GRP can be fashioned in variety shapes, polishing, textures, and color upon your imagination.




Special high quality color pigments are adopted for the gel-coat layer for UV resistant. The texture are molded from real rock.




We custom made GRP design furniture, showcase, display for bar, restaurant, boutique, supermarket and department store.

GRP provided the finest detailing to the furniture that other materials are incapable to achieve.

GRP furniture required very little attention to maintain its figure; damages can be easily repaired.  



Our Engineer design UNION TANK are cured with a promoted thixotropic orthophthalic based polyester resin of high unsaturation which provides excellent heat and chemical resistant properties. It has been tested by WRAS upon the effect on water quality (BS6920) and approved by HK Water Supplies Department for drinking water proposes.

Union Tank fiberglass series SMC, Stand-alone fiberglass water tanks are suitable for home and commercial use. We can provide a faster assembly service and delivery to your satisfaction. Our Water Tank are guarantee up to 15 years of service.

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We believe market diversity; our company is continually developing an extensive of leading-edge fiberglass-composite products to cope with the market such as: GRP pultrusion product, glass-fiber reinforced cement (GRC), glass-fiber reinforced gypsum (GRG), floor grating, trecnch Cover & platform, railing & catladder system, carbon-fiber product and etc....

Expecting these can apply in your needs.



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